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by AB Escorts on March, 24 2020

Stacey Saran Adult Star Vauxhall London SW8

Stacey Saran Vauxhall London SW8
A very very good day to you lovely London people.
I am sorry but I am so tired today I was up at 5am and decided to work out to make sure I got my routine done. I did wieights for my shoulders then I did half hour cardio while watching the latest news. Then I decided to give myself a hair trim and it came out very good. I had a lovely shower all that warm water washing all over my body I just loved it.
What do you guys like doing and if you were in the shower with me what would we do and who would bend down to pick up the soap lol.
Well i am free all day so drop me a text and book in to see one of the best Brittish pornstars, I am in Vauxhall London 07742102922. I have a great apartment on the waterfront. Very warm and I am very friendly and always give 100%

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