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by AB Escorts on May, 4 2020

Alice Marble Arch London W1

Alice Marble Arch London W1.
Good day lovely London boys. I have been doing lots of exercise but i have to admit I don"t like doing too much as I find it very hard.
I decided to go for a run so off I went in my skin tight leggings and I managed to run for half hour. I did notice that guys where looking at my ass a lot so i guess they liked my skin tight black leggings.
Running around Marble Arch was very busy and I did get a lot of whistles which I like.
I think I will do it again tomorrow. Maybe I am getting used to it and maybe I might start to enjoy it. You never know.
Maybe one of you sexy London boys would like to run with me. I only run slow so please don"t run too fast as I don"t want to make myself sweat too much.
We could run around Hyde Park as I like how lovely the park is.
07742102922 Bayswater London W2

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